One of the challenges of the work that I do is getting booked for jobs and not knowing what I am walking into. I show up and bring my best energy and hope the feeling is mutual. This is something I have always been mindful of, but now that we live in a new frequency post the election, I am more sensitive than I have ever been about making sure I walk into a welcoming environment. 

Dana Haim and her lovely husband were beyond welcoming. We did what we needed to do for the shoot with Well Rounded but in-between shooting, some important and meaningful conversations were had and by the end of the night, I left with two new friends. They welcomed me in their home and while we shared our fears about the current administration, we stayed positive and shared our hopes for her baby on the way.

In a nutshell, we talked about shit that means a lot to us and it took us no time to realize that beyond being creatives, we care about how people walk in this world and we are not willing to sit back and watch that way of life be threatened. 

Dana's family is growing which means that my community is not only growing but it is growing stronger. Take a look at the images and story from Dana's warm and inviting nursery here stay tuned for whatever we collaborate on next because it will be grand!

PHOTO TIPS // Beyond Mom

The lovely ladies at Beyond Mom asked me a couple questions about taking photos. 

What’s the best way to approach shooting photos of rambunctious kids?

On the job, I always try and calm them down a bit by putting the camera away and just hanging out – sometimes the camera makes them act silly or upset so I have to ease into the shoot until they calm their nerves. If that doesn’t work, I just shoot away, go with the flow and let their motion work in my favor. I just warn their parents there will be a lot of “blur” – ha!

Read the full interview here


I met Erin on set of some photoshoots here in Oakland. She is an incredible make up artist and sweet as sweet can be. After our 2nd time working together, she mentioned she was engaged so I swooped right on in with zero shame and asked if I could shoot her wedding. I had a feeling she would throw a good party. There is a certain something about some people - when you just know they are going to throw the kind of wedding that is intimate, meaningful and colorful...and I was right. I am so thrilled to have been a part of this lovely day. Done so well. 

Take a peek below to see our beautiful collaboration celebrating LOVE!

Dress: BHLDN (Bride's friend, Juan Valdez added some flare to it) 

Makeup: collab between the bride, Erin Clark and Michelle Draper / Laura Mercier

Hair: Courtney Kimball / Wanderlust Salon SF

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Jewelry: Anthropologie

Venue + Catering: Starline Social Club

Florals: Cari Metoff


...speaking of senior portraits. my dear sweet niece is starting high school this month. so I decided to give her some freshman portraits. 

let's have a toast to the future, shall we?!


The truth: I never wanted to be a "wedding photographer" and still have issues with the title. (No offense meant towards anyone who is and loves this title, it's my own shit) 

So if I never wanted to be a "wedding photographer" then I certainly never wanted to take "senior portraits". 

The thing is, the Universe kept sending me these jobs - and as I did them, I began to enjoy them along with the freedom and flexibility they bring to my lifestyle. More importantly, I get to connect with people and truly, that is all I want to be doing. So when I got the call to work with Meggie and do some "senior portraits", I reluctantly took it, but in my head just kept calling it a "portrait session." That made me feel better. No need to slap the tag of "senior portraits" on it in fear of diluting my process and focus too much on making something for someone else rather than myself (fine artist alert).

Anyhow, I am rambling - but man, was this a damn cool experience! Working with this angel reminded me of who I was at that time in my life. What an epic, transitional stage of ones life. As I photographed her, all I could think was how much she was going to change in the coming years. How much she still didn't know and all that was ahead of her. She is on her way to womanhood!

Do you remember your last year of high school? Dig deep. Reflect. Be thankful and accept this thing we call aging because man is it gorgeous if you let it be. 

Congrats Meggie!


This last wedding I did was not just any wedding. Not only was the Welcome Party on a boat in Seattle, but the groom just happens to be one of my closest friends.

In other words, my deepest apologies in advance if these photos are more of a college reunion rather than all the fun events that lead up to the wedding!

More pics coming soon!


NYC Food Tour? Count me in!

When the team at Well Rounded asked if I would do a shoot that involved... 

  • driving in a new car around NY
  • driving to 3 different restaurants with a mom-to-be to sample food that is supposed to help induce labor 
  • driving with 2 old co-workers who I have always LOVED working with

I said yes with a quickness. 

Go here to read more about our adventures in foods that help get that baby out!

Well Rounded - Qimmah Saafir

I met Qimmah back in 2005 when we were both working at a couple of magazines. Since then we have rolled with the same crew yet never really kicked it. However, being in the publishing industry, it's only natural to follow what people are doing whether it be personal projects, side projects, etc.

Fast forward to 2015 -  I started to notice that Qimmah was working on a beautiful project called Hannah  - and once I saw what she was doing, I knew I had to reach out. 

This past March, we finally made it happen and boy did our cosmos align. We scheduled an hour meeting that lasted about three. We both rescheduled calls and meetings we were supposed to have that day all because we were in the moment with a grip of things in common. Real things. 

It was no coincidence that at the time we met, she was in the works of doing a collaboration with Well Rounded NY (who I have worked with quite a bit and adore!) We both knew what needed to be done and scheduled a shoot at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Not only is Q an insightful and creative person who we should all watch out for, but she will truly be the most caring and educational mother. I can not wait to see what she creates.

Click here to read more about Qimmah's pregnancy experience. 



Brides and bridesmaids in the Bay Area looking for an on point manicurist, search no more. Tamika of Cuticles Salon is your woman.

Not only is she detailed and skilled, she is as sweet as can be. Go book with her now and thank me later! 


The gift that keeps on giving. Playlists from me and my pal Genevieve Gorder. 









Happy to be featured in this fun project by Maggie of Pop! Wed Co

The book is available for purchase! Click the image to grab your copy!


You don't see this everyday in the wedding world. True love. Mad respect. 


This shoot was not only 20 minutes before I hopped on a flight home, but it was for my sister-in-law who is now, the mother of my soon to be niece or nephew. Therefore, my intent was not to just make pretty pictures, rather to record a moment in time that will soon be radically different. 

I wanted my niece or nephew to have this photo of their mother.  And although from the looks of it, pregnancy comes with a lot of joy and pain, fear, vulnerability and back pain, I wanted my sister-in-law to have this memory that I have; which is that of a woman who has evolved beautifully while stepping into major unknown territory. 

Little dude or dudette, this is your mother when she was pregnant with you. You have no idea how much you are already loved. Not only do you have your mom's side who will smother you in Vietnamese kisses but you have your dad's side which is a whole blog post in itself. I am your cool Aunt. You have two wild Uncles who are going to clobber you with tough love. Your cousin is THE SHIT and your grandfather is wise, funny and giving. Your grandma technically isn't "here" but she is. (Don't worry, I will explain but for now, just know you have a major Angel, but you probably already know that.) And your Dad...well, he is the absolute best. And he is only going to get better once you get here!

See you on the flip side soon,

Auntie Lo-Lo