This shoot was not only 20 minutes before I hopped on a flight home, but it was for my sister-in-law who is now, the mother of my soon to be niece or nephew. Therefore, my intent was not to just make pretty pictures, rather to record a moment in time that will soon be radically different. 

I wanted my niece or nephew to have this photo of their mother.  And although from the looks of it, pregnancy comes with a lot of joy and pain, fear, vulnerability and back pain, I wanted my sister-in-law to have this memory that I have; which is that of a woman who has evolved beautifully while stepping into major unknown territory. 

Little dude or dudette, this is your mother when she was pregnant with you. You have no idea how much you are already loved. Not only do you have your mom's side who will smother you in Vietnamese kisses but you have your dad's side which is a whole blog post in itself. I am your cool Aunt. You have two wild Uncles who are going to clobber you with tough love. Your cousin is THE SHIT and your grandfather is wise, funny and giving. Your grandma technically isn't "here" but she is. (Don't worry, I will explain but for now, just know you have a major Angel, but you probably already know that.) And your Dad...well, he is the absolute best. And he is only going to get better once you get here!

See you on the flip side soon,

Auntie Lo-Lo