Ok, so here is how it goes in New York.

You work for a few years at a magazine. You meet a TON of other young, awesome, creative people. Print dies (kind of) and you all move on to personal endeavors and/or other magazines. Through social networking you keep in touch and have a lightweight radar on everyone you worked with. Years pass, time goes by. People reconnect and just like that, you are shooting one of their baby showers. AND on the way there, you run into someone else who worked on that magazine and asks you to tell them congrats. 

Small world. Dots connected. Feels so damn good. 

CONGRATS Harjot & Brendan and THANK  YOU for letting me join you on this fun day. 

Shower Details

Flowers  Hawk & Hare 

Cake - Apple Pie Cake from Milk Bar

Animal Cookies - Sweet Dani B.

Menu - Ici

Scroll below to see our cozy, Sunday afternoon in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.