The truth: I never wanted to be a "wedding photographer" and still have issues with the title. (No offense meant towards anyone who is and loves this title, it's my own shit) 

So if I never wanted to be a "wedding photographer" then I certainly never wanted to take "senior portraits". 

The thing is, the Universe kept sending me these jobs - and as I did them, I began to enjoy them along with the freedom and flexibility they bring to my lifestyle. More importantly, I get to connect with people and truly, that is all I want to be doing. So when I got the call to work with Meggie and do some "senior portraits", I reluctantly took it, but in my head just kept calling it a "portrait session." That made me feel better. No need to slap the tag of "senior portraits" on it in fear of diluting my process and focus too much on making something for someone else rather than myself (fine artist alert).

Anyhow, I am rambling - but man, was this a damn cool experience! Working with this angel reminded me of who I was at that time in my life. What an epic, transitional stage of ones life. As I photographed her, all I could think was how much she was going to change in the coming years. How much she still didn't know and all that was ahead of her. She is on her way to womanhood!

Do you remember your last year of high school? Dig deep. Reflect. Be thankful and accept this thing we call aging because man is it gorgeous if you let it be. 

Congrats Meggie!