One of the challenges of the work that I do is getting booked for jobs and not knowing what I am walking into. I show up and bring my best energy and hope the feeling is mutual. This is something I have always been mindful of, but now that we live in a new frequency post the election, I am more sensitive than I have ever been about making sure I walk into a welcoming environment. 

Dana Haim and her lovely husband were beyond welcoming. We did what we needed to do for the shoot with Well Rounded but in-between shooting, some important and meaningful conversations were had and by the end of the night, I left with two new friends. They welcomed me in their home and while we shared our fears about the current administration, we stayed positive and shared our hopes for her baby on the way.

In a nutshell, we talked about shit that means a lot to us and it took us no time to realize that beyond being creatives, we care about how people walk in this world and we are not willing to sit back and watch that way of life be threatened. 

Dana's family is growing which means that my community is not only growing but it is growing stronger. Take a look at the images and story from Dana's warm and inviting nursery here stay tuned for whatever we collaborate on next because it will be grand!