Well Rounded - Qimmah Saafir

I met Qimmah back in 2005 when we were both working at a couple of magazines. Since then we have rolled with the same crew yet never really kicked it. However, being in the publishing industry, it's only natural to follow what people are doing whether it be personal projects, side projects, etc.

Fast forward to 2015 -  I started to notice that Qimmah was working on a beautiful project called Hannah  - and once I saw what she was doing, I knew I had to reach out. 

This past March, we finally made it happen and boy did our cosmos align. We scheduled an hour meeting that lasted about three. We both rescheduled calls and meetings we were supposed to have that day all because we were in the moment with a grip of things in common. Real things. 

It was no coincidence that at the time we met, she was in the works of doing a collaboration with Well Rounded NY (who I have worked with quite a bit and adore!) We both knew what needed to be done and scheduled a shoot at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Not only is Q an insightful and creative person who we should all watch out for, but she will truly be the most caring and educational mother. I can not wait to see what she creates.

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