OMG!!! You’re the best thing to ever happen to us!! XOXO
— Thea
I’ve never felt so comfortable in front of a camera and you captured the joy of our day with such artistry, it’s amazing.
— Becky
Lauren was the exact type of photographer that we wanted. We didn’t want any traditional shots, we just wanted her to catch the mood and atmosphere of the big day and she did just that. She has the unbelievable knack for capturing perfect moments and details that most people would miss - but are the exact things that make a day or moment in time memorable. Plus, she is one of the easiest people to talk to and puts everyone at ease.
— Crystal
I could cry just thinking about how much my husband and I love our wedding photos. Lauren is the best wedding photographer you could ask for. She made us feel incredibly taken care of, she helped us feel really natural, there were no forced poses, she captured all of the most perfect and pure candid moments, she played beautifully with light, and she caught each and every special detail that made our day amazing. I couldn’t be more grateful to Lauren for the amazing photos. She truly went well beyond the call of duty, she brought her artistry to our day, to help us hold it for a lifetime in our photos. Your wedding photographer is a really important choice, and if their were ten stars to give, Lauren would get them all. Truly, she is the best there is. Her photography, her art will not only hold onto the mood, tone and feel of your perfect day, but it will be unique to the couple. I have seen Lauren’s work for other couples as well, and I feel like I know them just by peeking at their photos. She’s just outrageously talented, a true artist and a generous, creative soul. Hire her, you’ll be eternally grateful you did.
— Jenna
Lauren Crew is simply perfection. From the moment me and my husband decided to work with Lauren for our wedding, we absolutely loved her. She understood our vision, and was both insightful and supportive. Her professionalism consistently shown through, and her down-to-earth personality created a calm and playful environment on my wedding day. Our wedding photos are the culmination of Lauren’s thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and her incredible talent. Her ability to capture both sweet and intimate moments as well as the overall joy and beauty of my wedding day left me and my husband incredibly grateful. Lauren is truly a joy to work with, and is one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day.
— Sierra
Personalized wedding photos—now that is a tall order. Lauren has a unique ability to observe and capture what is the one-time experience of a wedding, and the relationship behind the day. I am so appreciative of Lauren’s sensitivity and artistry, and her quiet yet profound ability to capture a true romance in the moment.
— Sierra's Mom
Lauren just shot our wedding and she was not only professional, she was creative, great, and fun to work with! I highly recommend her! Everyone loved her!
— Dave
You don’t understand, my face hurts from smiling after looking at the pictures you took!! The gallery looks amazing. We have been laughing, crying, laughing again. You’re eye and creativity is outstanding. Thank you a million times.
— Kai